Freetown Project

Why Freetown

Freetown is the capital of Sierra Leone and the howntown of Festus Vandi, Director of Mechanical Engineering at Turbo Electric and General Manager of Turbo Electric SL.

He passionately believes in the ability of the people of Freetown and their ability make this business a success.

Proposed plan for Freetown

The future for Turbo Electric is to based the first factories in Freetown and have local people manufacturing the vehicles ultimtely for the world market.

We are currently talking to the Ministers in Sierra Leone to air our the plans, which includes working with the local educational institutions to train engineers and provide a career path in Turbo Electric.

There is an issue with unemployment and a lack of hands-on experience in technology and technical engineering.
The plan is for Turbo Electric to provide training schemes and work placements for people to learn and practice their skills on a business which has a good future for Freetown and Sierra Leone.

Local Innovation

Graham North, Managing Director of Turbo Electric, who has created all the IT and technology designs on the vehicles, and who has a long history in IT and Electronic Technologies will also be working directly in Freetown to regenerate their IT market.
This will mean directly working onsite in Freetown on their local urban projects to help the people bring their projects to reality.