Since a microcontroller is going to be used, some research is needed.

All the platforms need really to be adaptable for the modding market, so off-the shelf kits were targetted.

Microchip PIC 16F627A (Velleman K8048)

First tests were done with a PIC

AVR ATMega328 (Arduino Uno)

Then an Arduino Uno was tested

Adding Ethernet

This required some shifting around to allow SPI and W5100 pins to work.

...and to bridge the W5100 interrupt link

Atmel SAM3X8E/ARM Cortex-M3 CPU (Arduino Due)

This has an 84MHz CPU and hardware accelerated PWM updating as well as alot more IO pins.

Broadcom BCM283x (Raspberry Pi)

Also a Raspberry Pi was tested for a in-car displays due to it's fast OpenGL 3D rendering.

Since both AVR and BCM chips have SPI bus a Arduino<->Pi test was done.